Bank On Yourself Book What Is It?

Bank On Yourself™ uses a time-tested strategy and a type of life insurance unknown to many financial advisors that allows you to grow your money safely and rapidly, despite what the market (stocks, real estate, etc.) may be doing.  Designed properly, it can give you peace-of-mind, guaranteed growth, safety, and more flexibility than any investment or savings program we’ve ever found.

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Watch our Four Videos on the Bank On Yourself™ strategies for each of life’s goals.

The Ultimate Retirement Plan

Learn about a way to save for retirement where your savings remains secure, but also the growth of your money is both predictable and guaranteed.

Paying For Your Child’s College

Skip the conventional 529 Plans and learn about an effective way to plan for your children’s college education expenses without sacrificing saving for retirement.

Bypass Banks and Finance Companies

Learn how to bypass banks, finance, and credit card companies and become your own financing source for major purchases.  Stop paying exorbitant amounts of interest and start earning it.

Finance Your Business a Better Way

Learn a better way to finance your business with a reliable source of ready capital to have available for business expenses, taxes, or simply to take advantage of new opportunities.