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Amazingly Responsive

I rarely provide recommendations unless I’m absolutely sure that the individual or organization will live up to my endorsement. This time I have no reservations in recommending Holtz Insurance as your insurance broker. I find it difficult to even express how amazingly responsive Steve and his whole team have been.  They continue to be a great asset in assisting me to resolve the many challenges in dealing with medical service providers and insurance companies over the past few years.

I first started working with Holtz Insurance when my wife got cancer and had to navigate getting the proper medical care to deal with this devastating situation. What they accomplished during this period in getting us in-network coverage where there wasn’t any available and resolving the billing errors was heaven sent.

After having experienced such amazing service on a personal level, I brought in Holtz Insurance to handle our company’s benefits programs.  I had started experiencing many challenges at our company with employees’ questions; in particular, how to deal with all of the changes in laws concerning healthcare insurance and all the new compliance hurdles.  I am happy to say that I have continued to have the same quality of service as I did on a personal basis.

Bill W., CEO Leading Design Company